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goodnarnianart's Journal

Quality Narnia Graphics
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This is a graphics community for posting and finding Narnia icons, graphics, and layouts. It is a closed community, meaning you have to apply to become a member and receive posting access. This community is moderated by lenabee, aery, and macpherson_arts.

To join, first read follow all the rules stated for applying and posting. Once you have read all the rules, go here to apply for posting access.

The purpose of this community is to have a place where only high quality work is posted. Quality can be subjective, but there are a few standards that are commonly accepted in the world of icons and graphics, and we are mainly looking to see that those standards are followed by our members.

How do I get into goodnarnianart?
Well, first you have to leave a comment [here], with your lj username and a link to a place where we can see a few of your icons, to judge how well you create. Two of the three community mods must give you a yes vote for you to receive access. Also make sure you click the link to request membership in the user info. If you are approved, your request will be granted. If you are not, your request will be denied. The last mod to vote on your app (giving you a majority for or against admittance) will approve or reject your request to join.

Can I link you to my icon journal for judging?
No. It's not that difficult to post a few samples in a comment here and it makes things much easier on the mods that way.

What exactly are you looking for?
Graphics makers that are original and that know how to make icons that are aesthetically pleasing. This means knowing the basic dos and don'ts of icons, and then some. For example: Does the use of brushes accentuate or overpower the image? Does the use of blinking text make you want to gouge your eyes out? Is the image clear? Does text overpower the icon? Is text antialiased when it needs to be? That kind of thing.

I only make bases, and don't jazz them up at all. Can I join?
No. This community is goodnarnianart, not narnia_bases. Graphics are modified from the original image. The image is filtered, brushed, brightened, cropped well, and text is added. All of that takes time and effort and shows great amounts of skill. Bases, on the other hand, often require no less work than cropping the image and putting a border on it. There is no way that the two compare. (This does not mean your graphics all must have text, merely that you must do more than just crop an image and/or add a border.)

What will you not allow into the community?
Any graphics from other fandoms are disallowed. All the graphics and layouts you post here must be related to Narnia. Linking to multi-fandom posts is fine, but please make sure all your teaser images are Narnia graphics.

What about making icons with other people's bases?
You may not apply with work made from pre-made bases, but you can post those kinds of graphics once you are accepted, so long as you credit whoever made the original base.

I post with [username], but I have another journal for graphics. Will you add both to the community?
No. We only add one username per person, so make sure you tell us which username you'll be posting with. We want the member count to show the actual number of members, and if people have more than one journal added to this community, they throw off the number.

Anything Else?
You need to have a good grasp on proper English grammar and punctuation. Netspeak is not a good thing here, nor are sticky caps (i.e., tHiS cRaP) or ghetto-speak. Proper English simply looks cleaner, reads easier, and as far as I have been able to tell, those with a grasp on their English usually have a better grasp on what makes good icons.

You didn't accept me! You're so mean!
Well - no offense - but deal with it. Work on making your icons better. Take a look at what's here at goodnarnianart and learn. Also - being rejected does not mean you can never, ever, ever try again. Feel free to work on your technique and try again. Just know that being rude will not get you in later. Check our memories section for links to some very useful and well-written tutorials on making your icons better.

I got in at takenote_icons/goodhplotricons but not here! Why are you so mean?
goodnarnianart is in no way connected with takenote_icons or goodhplotricons. We judge on our own standarts and belonging to another "application only" community means nothing to us when we review your application.

What's allowed at goodnarnianart?
Graphics and Layouts. That's it. There will be no pimping of new communities without permission from the moderators, there will be no poetry, no fanfiction, no graphics requests, and let’s make it very clear right now: one violation of the only-post-icons rule and your posting access will be removed. There - it's in the user info. Complaining won't be tolerated.

Can I use the graphics posted here?
Any and all graphics that are posted here at goodnarnianart are posted with intent to share unless otherwise stated by the poster. In any case, when you get an graphic from this community, you must credit the creator. Credit icon in the keywords when you use the icons. Credit headers/fo banners/layouts/etc. in your userinfo. People take pride in their graphics, and when you don't credit, you're technically calling something yours when it isn't. That's not cool. If you don’t know how to credit in your icon keywords, look here!!

Should I lj-cut?
It is good form to lj-cut large quantities of icons, so yes. Please, lj-cut. You may put one or two 'teaser' icons or a thumbnail of a larger graphic outside of the cut, but otherwise, lj-cut the icons and larger graphics themselves. Your personal sharing rules can be inside or outside of the cut. No images larger than 300 pixels wide may be placed outside of the cut tag.

Can I post one-graphic posts?
Sure, if you really can't come up with more than one, go ahead and post it. However, it would be much more efficient if you would wait until you have multiple graphics and post them in sets.

I didn't get accepted, but still want to watch your community. Will you add me if I promise not to post?
No. You can, however, friend the community without joining.

The big no no:
Don’t go to one of the moderators personal journals to ask/complain about anything concerning your application for goodnarnianart! Any questions or comments concerning goodnarnianart may be left in a comment to the application post.